School Photos

School photos at daycare conveniently happened the day before Connor's 6 month birthday. Saved us a trip to a studio :) Yes, they take school photos at daycare. Love it.

And, of course, a week after the photos were taken...his little blocked tear duct FINALLY cleared up! Oh well. At least it's clear!

And, LifeTouch does a great job of suckering you into purchasing the photos. They print 8 full sheets of photos and then you pay for whatever you don't return. I think I bought 5 sheets. Oops. Oh well. I probably would have spent more going to a professional photographer!

My favorite of the two.

Classic 'school photo' gray background. He looks absolutely chubby here, I had to buy at least one of these. I can already see it hanging on his graduation board...sad.
And...if you've ever seen the scrapbook I made for Bryan for his 30th birthday, you'll see a similar looking photo in there!
Now that I have my scanner all hooked up and working, maybe I'll scan that in someday.

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