WAY over due.

I've become one of those bloggers that gets to the bottom of the blog rolls...4 days ago...5 days ago...too long. Sorry!

This past weekend my friend Heidi, her husband Jesse and adorable son, Reece came to visit! It was SO good to see Heidi and it was the first time she's met Connor, so it was great! If you read her blog, you'll learn that we were awful and barely took ANY photos. Sad. But, like she said, it might be due to the fact that we didn't really shower or make ourselves presentable, the boys were basically in their pjs all day, and yeah. Nothing real picture worthy.

The few shots I did take I took right after bringing the camera in from the cold car, so, they're a little foggy. And then I was too lazy to remove red eye tonight.

my big boy sitting at his desk :) Notice the additional padding around him...just in case.

vroom vroom

hey, this is my desk!

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