8 months!

Time goes by so amazingly fast. I don't have any pictures from exactly today, but will try and take some tomorrow night.

As a copycat of my friend Sarah, I'm going to try and start detailing things Connor is doing at various ages. Okay, so it's not a total copycat, but basically.

At 8 months Connor is...
...getting into everything.
...putting everything into his mouth.
...learning how to go over the ramp at daycare.
...opening and closing his fists while he eats or is excited...I'll to get a video loaded of this.
...starting to miss me when I leave him (at daycare, gets sad and sometimes cries).
...less easily distracted. Take a toy (or a beef stick) away, and he's ticked.
...still getting up at least once a night to get plugged back in.
...doing great from his surgery at 4 days old, no side effects. (occasionally someone will ask so I thought I'd update you all)
...crawling all over the place, taking laps.
...able to find dad when he hides in the mudroom bathroom from him.
...obsessed about the fireplace and getting up on it.
...standing up on anything and everything.
...opening drawers, loves swinging doors back and forth and door stops aren't as cool as they used to be.
...apparently fascinated by the windows at daycare.
...loving his zwieback toast.
...loving his puffs although it is still tought for him to get them into his mouth.
...eating real food at daycare in mashed format.
...has roughly 250 bags of mommy's milk left to drink.
...wearing 12-18 month clothes, however 6-9 still fit. (he's short)
...actually seeming to understand 'no' (are we dreaming?)
...not getting into the Christmas tree thank goodness.
...still smiling and laughing all the time.
...not talking...nor is he close...but he sure makes lots of noises.
...into blowing bubbles at a rapid pace (again, will try and get a video)
...not really waving yet, but we're working on it
...liking books and sits pretty nicely while you read them to him.
...still HATING getting dressed (more like, hating being confined or restricted for 3 minutes)
...loving his bath time and we've graduated into the big tub, no more baby tub.

Well, I think that's about it. I need to get to bed. I wish I would have done this for his other month birthdays (and not that I'll continue this monthly forever, they just seem to change so quickly!).

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