tough day?

Well, Connor's first day in Infant II was today. I was sad about it, but only because it means he's growing up. When I dropped him off today he looked totally excited looking at the new toys and 'safe' things to crawl up on, over, through, etc. So, that made me feel better.

Then, when I picked him up, he was sadly sitting in the swing. When she took him out he started crying, when I got him, he nuzzled right into my shoulder and was crying/whimpering. I was too concerned with trying to make him feel better, I wasn't fully listening to what his daycare lady was saying, but I caught something about 'friend got too close...scared him...think babies are step stools'. Step stools?!?!? Poor Schmo. I guess this is probably what the babies in the Infant I room thought of Connor, but man, I felt so bad for him. Then, when I got him home, as soon as I took him out of the car seat he nuzzled again into my shoulder and has been laying there every since, except now it's Bryan's shoulder.

So sad. Not sure what's up with him. Hopefully he's our happy little Connor when he finally wakes up! And to think he gets another shot tomorrow! (part two of the flu shot)


Heather Hulke said...

Oh, that is sad. Poor little boy, I think tomorrow should be a sick day for you and you should stay home and cuddle with the poor little baby!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Poor Connor,
What a traumatic time-and a shot tomorrow! I am praying for the little guy.
Hugs & Kisses from his G/G B