catching up.

This week went really fast! I think I forgot to mention that last Friday after Thanksgiving my friend Kacie came over in the afternoon to help me put up my tree (well, I think I bribed her into that one), we went Christmas shopping (didn't find much, wasn't too crowded) and had great grub at b-dubs. (didn't intentionally rhyme there). I will try and post a picture of the tree, I'm really happy with it! Surprisingly, Connor hasn't gotten into it yet! He's only been interested in it once or twice, and since he listens SO well to the word 'no' (okay, he laughs everytime we say it, no lie), he has since stayed away.

Anyways. I'm working on getting some pictures and videos posted. Aaron and Jess are over for the night and we are playing Wii...it is SO fun (first timer here). I want on. Very addicting. However, not exactly something I see Connor allowing me to play it very often. Oh well. It's fun. And it's nice to have company.

Oh, and we put Christmas lights up today! Bryan refused to do it, so I told him I would do it all by myself. I put our 3-step stool/ladder thing on the tail gate of Bryan's truck and kept backing it up to the house. After like 3 times I realized it would be SO much faster if Bryan would at least drive the truck. So, I got him to do that, he and Connor just hung out in the truck and waited for me to signal to move, etc. Connor just fell asleep sitting in the passenger seat. It was ADORABLE, but I didn't get a picture :( But, the lights aren't anything special, but, they're Christmas lights!!

Enough text. More pictures. I get it.

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