christmas spirit

Christmas has just come SO fast this year. I basically started Christmas shopping this past Saturday, I'm still not done, not done wrapping what I do have (and generally I LOVE wrapping gifts but this year it's just a 'need to get done' task), haven't taken Connor to see Santa yet, I'm only taking 4 hours of work off this week, so it certainly doesn't feel like Christmas and yeah. I just feel so unprepared for my son's first Christmas :( (as if he'll even notice or remember)

So, enough of the complaining and whining. I ask for no pity, I know lots of other people are feeling the same stresses and not having any problems with it.

I generally am not very good at vocalizing the 'look what we have to be thankful for'...but, I think becoming a mother and seeing people we know and love go through such pain and troubles...sure makes you see things in a different light. So that said...I have a healthy baby boy, a loving relationship with my husband (well, most days :)), families that are close by, healthy and love being with them, and Bryan and I both have jobs and work to be done. We have lots to be thankful for.

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