Christmas #1

Hope you all had a great Christmas! It's been such a relaxing time (well, since yesterday) and I'm sad there is only one day left of Christmas break :( So, for a recap, it'll take a few posts but we'll get through it.

Christmas Eve afternoon we hosted the Loula family Christmas, Mom, Dad, Joe, Krystal, Ashlyn and us. It was a wonderful afternoon!

Gifts of plenty. And my tree that leans a little to the right.

Connor playing in his new 'shed'

He really didn't get how to open gifts yet...for weeks we've had to say 'no' to going by the tree, playing with the tree and playing with the gifts and now we just expected him to tear into them. Such a good boy. Ha.
Cousin Ashlyn looking cute in her sweater dress. She might have pooped on me later.
But I still love her.

When everything else fails...fake him out by getting him all ready to go in the car seat. But no need to go anywhere...just place the seat in a dark quiet spot, like the mudroom.
Works like a charm.

The aftermath.

Playing catch with Grandpa. The shrieks in the background are Ashlyn, she's expanding her vocal range. :)

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