15 month check-up

This morning I took Connor to his 15 month appointment...only to get there and have them tell me the appointment was cancelled...um...what? They said it was 'cancelled by patient' on June 28th or something. Pretty sure I didn't do that, but thankfully they were able to get me into one of the Nurse Practitioners. We hadn't seen her before, but she was very nice. Connor is right on track developmentally...and just 'normal/average' for speech. No concerns at this point though. We talked about his diarrhea the past week (and I went through 4 diapers just while waiting to get called back, no lie) and she said she can't find anything physically wrong (infection, etc.) so thinks it's just a lingering stomach flu. She also mentioned that babies that spit up more often as infants tend to have longer/lingering stomach flus. Super.

But, the appointment went well overall. Two shots, Connor hated them of course but quickly recovered as soon as I could pick him up. We also got some super-fied Pepto tablets to hopefully get him back on track. Vaction is next week...we need a happy healthy boy!

Stats...drum roll please...

he's still short.
and he lost weight (which correlates directly to our recent shortage of diapers in the house...)

Weight: 22 lbs 13 oz - 26th percentile
Height: 30 in (pretty sure the limit at fun days was 31...oh well) - 19th percentile (up from 13th!)
Head in the 70th percentile somewhere. The sheet is in the car still.

So that's that. Next appointment is at 18 months.
Now I am just waiting for our new bed set to be delivered and off to work I go.

Vacation in T-6 days!!!!!!!

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