Bad Blogger

with a capital B.

Sorry about that.

Here are my excuses:
-I just got my computer back on Wednesday, it's been at my mom's.
-I officially started training for a half marathon (pause...waiting for your laughter to subside) while on vacation and I've continued the training since. Feels REALLY good to be on a schedule...but the thought of 13 miles still freaks me out. I did 6 last Sunday, Bryan is the first to point out that it's still another 7 miles to go... :) Such a sweetheart.
-I started my new 'job' in a way, moved buildings, settling in, have been doing some interviewing and yeah.
Okay, I'm out of excuses.

Here's a picture from vacation, I just now loaded all of the photos onto my computer, so I PROMISE to post them all very soon.

The Fam. This was our last night there. We rented a boat and found this super cool restaurant right on the lake, Captain Ron's..? I can't quite remember now. But it was fun.
okay, I had better get Connor up and get to work.
More later. Promise.


Erin Barrett said...

such a cute fam! Connor is as big at Grandma Ruth.

Anonymous said...

You just need to tell Bryan that until he starts training for a half marathon, he's not allowed to give his 2 sense! haha keep up the good work Christy...you can do it!

-Amanda Bode