Ashlyn's birthday party

This past Sunday we celebrated Ashlyn's birthday party out at the lake. It was a beautiful day and I think everyone enjoyed themselves!! Happy 1st Birthday to Ashlyn!

Random...but this is Connor's new thing while in the car.

The woman behind the photos.

thinks he can do the steps all by himself, one at a time even.

This is honestly my favorite picture, okay, if it was a big smile it'd be better, but I love it! So adorable. Plus, I bought her the skirt last year :)

Excuse me, I'm trying to back up. You're in my way.
(this was really Ashlyn's present, but Connor found it and claimed it his)

hmm...look familiar?
funny how they start picking up on our (bryan's) actions

yeah, ok, I gotta go, call you after work

what was that? okay, I'll be right there.

wouldn't go to bed. wanted to play in the car more.

and I think she was done.

first ride on the jet ski! He did pretty good, was all about sitting on it while it was on the lift yet but HATED the life vest. Bryan just took him anyways and after a little bit he was fine. Then, he didn't want to come off...go figure. However...it was a good experience because the only way I let him go back on it was if he put his life jacket back on, and he was totally fine with that as long as he got to go back on. So that was good.

at this point I was doing some really cool 70's dance moves. you would laugh too.

Ashlyn's new cousin on the other side, Chloe. Isn't she a doll!

The Loula clan.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Love all the photo's - great pictures and a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ashlyn. Great car Ashlyn-good memories with Cousin Connor.

Cheryl B.