A 4th of July weekend update will come later, maybe tonight, but instead, I'll post about our day, today. Woke up to Connor screaming (like a shriek more like) at 6 am...go to get him and he's covered in puke and has the biggest diaper full of diarreah I've ever seen. (sorry for the visual). He was pretty freaked out. So, got him cleaned up and brought him in bed with me, slept until 8:30 when I found he had filled his pants again. You just feel so bad for the little guy, I mean, I know how I feel when I'm sick, and how my stomach hurts, I can't imagine how scary/painful it is for them.

So...for a guy that doesn't exactly enjoy diaper changes...I am pretty sure we went through 20 diapers today...and he napped for nearly 5 hours throughout the day...you can do the math on how often that means I changed him. We eventually just stopped putting his pants back on.

Good thing...he's been in great spirits all day. Just had plumbing issues.

Hopefully he's better tomorrow so I can actually go into work and he can go see his friends. (it's one thing if he's sick and cuddly...I love cuddling...but he's been full of action today when he was awake)

Like I said, pictures/update from the weekend coming soon.


Erin C said...

Poor little guy. I hope he is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Poor Connor- hope that he is doing much better. Don't know if you ever heard of the BRAT diet- I first heard about it on Jon & Kate &8. It is bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. I googled it and it came up- may be of some interest. Hugs to Little Man Connor......G/G B