fun days

This past weekend was Fun Days in North Mankato. I had volleyball Friday night and Sarah came down to scrap for the weekend so we took Connor and met Nessler's down there Thursday night. I was a little worried at first to put him on the rides without us...as if he decided he hated it, I'm sure he could wiggle his way out of the seat belts...but...he did great. (remember, the kid doesn't show emotion while on moving rides...but he wants to get right back on after you take him off). I'm glad we went, I'm sure next summer will be a blast with the kids!

Dad, this is boring.

Kate wasn't a huge fan...which worked in Connor's favor as he got some of her ride tickets :) Thanks, Kate!

Driving the cars. This was his favorite ride as he went on this one twice.

SO serious.

my baby is so grown up!

um, hello, this is so lame.

i think this was a wave. or maybe i just caught him about to put his hands on the wheel. i vote wave.

good job...pay attention to where you're going

so had it not been for the 12 year old girl in front of him...he would look much bigger.

chilling in the back seat. our last ride of the night.
We are loving summer, but it's doing a number on our sleep schedules! Connor seems to go to bed somewhere around 10 at least a few nights a week. We were loving the 7 pm bedtime schedule!

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Erin Barrett said...

Connor is looking like quite the big boy lately...hope to see you again soon :(