4th of July Recap

Well overdue. Friday, the 3rd of July, I had off of work so Connor and I met Krystal, Ashlyn and my mom at the St. Peter pool. The night before, Connor had thrown up in his crib at 2 in the morning, so it was a good thing I had off. Ended up having diarrhea that day as well. Anyways...Connor hated the pool. I'll give him the excuses that he obviously wasn't feeling well and the water was freezing (however, that didn't phase Ashlyn). After the pool we went out to my parents and spent the rest of the evening there.

Saturday, Bryan golfed and I got some things done around the house. Since we didn't have our annual lake party due to my parents lawn being a little screwed up, we just had a relaxing evening at my parents and Bryan and I took the boat out for fireworks.

Sunday, Bryan, Connor, myself and Uncle Aaron went to the Minnesota Zoo. It was BEAUTIFUL day (should have been on that lake this day, but oh well) and we all had a great time. Connor did really well and seemed to enjoy himself.

So that was the end of the weekend! Monday I ended up staying home with Connor, as you've probably already read about :)

Pictures to follow :)

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