Friendship Days 2010

Well, it's safe to assume that this year's Friendship Days was one for the record books. I can't remember the last time the entire weekend was rained out, let alone straight-line winds, hail and tornado'd out. Such a bummer, but we were able to enjoy a few rides, the parade and of course drummies and cheeseburgers from the Legion stand.

Found Uncle Aaron in the park.
Note playful, I'm going to beat you, expression.

Then we get serious.

And laugh at Uncle Aaron who went without him.
Jokes on you, Uncle Aaron! What other 30 year old do you see going down the kiddie slide?

Watching the floats go by.

Sitting with Kacie. Thanks, Kacie, for letting us sit at your place again!

He did so well at the parade! It was right over nap time, technically an hour into his nap time and he was a champ. He didn't get upset if another kid got to a piece of candy first and was so proud of his candy he had to go show Bryan a bunch of times his loot. Thankfully the kids we sat by were super generous and would give Connor pieces now and again if he missed out on a batch. He loved seeing the tractors and horses and everything else that went by. At one point when there were a bunch of tractors coming he literally took off running and managed to get seriously a block away, he was so excited! (thanks Heather, for stopping him, ha)

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