loader...with forks on it!

Saturday we spent most of the day (well, Bryan all day, Connor and I the entire morning then it was nap time) helping pick up from the storm. Bryan brought a loader out to help move the big trees that went down and you can take a guess as to where Connor spent most of his time. He was a trooper and helped pick up sticks, too, but preferred driving the loader.

So if you ask him what he drove over the weekend, he'll reply 'Loader...with forks on it, trees fall down'. Not quite that clear, but something like that :)

Love that he's good at saying 'cheese' and smiling for the camera.

After nap, we went and had to go ride the loader again, this time to help Bryan pull down a tree at a place out by his parent's. I was just going to drop Connor off and leave but thought I'd stay and witness the tree falling, so after probably 25 minutes of watching a few guys chainsaw a chunk out of the trunk, and many false alarm video segments, it finally came down...in a matter of 2 seconds.

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