quality grandma time

While I'm in Chicago Connor split his time between Grandma Ruth's house and Grandma Bode's house. I'm sure there has been no spoiling, no fruit snack giving, no nuk having and certainly NO fun. Riiighht. Mom sent a few pics to keep me going while I was away, miss this guy and will have a hard time tonight refraining from waking him up at 11 when I get home to cuddle!

Throwing rocks in the pond. He loves throwing rocks in the water.

I don't know, Grandma, where did the rock (goose? duck? frog?) go?
(I really have no idea what was going on here)

These come out everytime we're at my parents house and go with us wherever we are, boat rides, etc. We NEED to get this kid an actual trailer for his tractors, however at least he improvises :)

Miss him so much!
Thank you to both Grandma's SO much for helping Bryan and I out this week!

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