the second time I've been this excited about poop.

I was at Connor's daycare for a meeting this afternoon and the toddler room's coordinator walked by and had to tell me that Connor not only peed on the toilet, he pooped, too! I haven't been this excited about him pooping since somewhere around this time when he was at Children's in Minneapolis.

Now, maybe this isn't exciting to you, but it is to me :) For whatever reason there is this 'pressure' I've placed on myself that I should be working harder at potty training him at home. However, I haven't even started. Yes, we have a potty in the bathroom, but I never put him on it unless for whatever reason he asks for it. They put him on it every day at school and today is the first time he has EVER actually done something on it, yeah!! I kept telling myself that until he does it at school I am not going to worry about it at home...guess that means we're officially potty training at home :) Don't worry, I know this isn't going to happen overnight, but hey, have to start somewhere.

Oh, and they apparently did a little celebration in the bathroom with him, can't wait to see if he tells us about it!

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