stormy night

Some pictures from last night. Our evening started with swimming lessons, then we went to my parent's business partner's 50th birthday party celebration, left after 25 minutes or so to head to Nicollet/New Ulm for volleyball, learned halfway to Nicollet that volleyball was canceled so went home. Sat in the basement for at least an hour. At one point I was scared enough to go grab all of my scrapbooks and external hard drive with our pictures on it and bring them into the basement (I don't scare too easily, typically love storms, and probably would have been on the deck had it not been for Connor and the torrential down pour). I couldn't see three feet out the patio door in the basement. But, we survived, and little to no damage to our house. However, our friends and family to the West of us can't say the same. It hailed for twenty minutes straight in Nicollet, some reports of near baseball size hail. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

On our way to Bryan's parent's place after the storm started to break up.

Thought this part of the sky was so crazy, haven't ever seen before.

Pretty rainbow...but corn is not so pretty.

The corn, what's left of it.

The beans.

Crazy sky...crazy bean field.

So I was really intrigued by the sky.

Again, thankfully no one was hurt!


Sarah said...

LOVE that you thought of the scrapbooks!

Maybe they need fire-proof (and tornado proof!) boxes that fit scrapbooks?

Heidi, Jesse, and the boys said...

I'm glad you guys are all okay! We were thinking of you!