Is it possible that he actually enjoys the pool now?? I'm not getting my hopes up, but it's two days in a row! Mom came with me today to see if I had any magic tricks for getting him to actually enjoy it...just the simple throwing of the skid loader does the trick. Every time.

Momentary 'fun' setback here, he realized that Grandma wasn't in the pool anymore and wanted to get out.

So I tried to distract him.

It worked.
It may appear that I'm trying to face plant him into the water but we were working on his kicks while holding onto the bar thing. Fun stuff.

We couldn't get him to do the diving board today. One of the teachers holds the child by their arms and lowers them into the pool where the other teacher 'catches' the child. He wouldn't do it. Maybe tomorrow.

He DID continue into the baby pool after his lessons were complete to go swim with cousin Ashlyn that was there. I am SO happy he's liking the water! It'll make the summer that much more fun! (don't get me wrong, we'd still have fun if he didn't like the water, but less hot this way :))


Anonymous said...

Oh, am sooooo happy -things are improving. Who knows, he may just turn out to be a swimming instructor one day? L, C&N

Thao Truong said...

super stoked there was a camera! you guys looks great out there!