fun with the bode girls

Last Monday morning (Memorial Day) Connor and I got to hang out with our favorite Bode girls, Madelyn and baby Ava. Like I've mentioned, Connor loves babies. However, at one point I was completely freaked out that he fed Ava a fruit snack as her lips were purple (evidence of fruit snacks, not like, not breathing purple) and when I asked him if she gave him one he said yes wit a big smile. So, I freaked out and was checking Ava for the fruit snack in her mouth, however fine she seemed. Then Madelyn assured me he didn't give her one and just gave her a 'fruity' kiss. Geesh. (sorry Lora, I swear you can safely trust us with your children!) Needless to say we had a big talk about what babies can and can't have (not that he can totally retain that all right now anyways).

Group photo

I love Ava's expression. Ha. WHAT is going on?


Ava contently watched Connor play with his skid loader and semi for quite some time.
Love that these girls are just a street away!

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Lora said...

Too funny Christy!