it's what you do.

I'll recap on this evening's events in another post, but I just had to post about this picture. As you're probably aware, we had some nasty weather come through our area tonight, and many other areas across the state. After checking on Bryan's parent's place (two broken windows, entire north side of the house is completely dented from near baseball size hail, crops are basically non-existant) we drove by the dairy farm that is about 2 miles away. Massive destruction with hundreds and hundreds of cows still in the barns. You may have seen the story on channel 9 news tonight. But, what nearly brings me to tears is the generosity shown in this picture. Every local farmer in the county that has a cattle trailer is lined up to help haul out the cows to a different facility. There are probably 10 more truck and trailers on the gravel road, waiting their turn, that you can't see, with more on the way.

I'm sure this happens everywhere, but it just moves me when I see people helping those in need. Being completely selfless. Half of them probably have damage at their own places, but they don't even think twice about helping someone else that has it worse. Neighbors helping neighbors, you never question it, you help before even being asked.

It's just what you do.


Ariane said...

So true ~ gotta love rural America & MN nice. Sorry to hear about the damage to your inlaws. I wondered if you had family that experienced damage in the Nicollet and surrounding area. It was definitely a rough night.

Erin C said...

That picture and story made me cry :) Awesome to see!