boo and poo.

I'm still about a '1' according to the doctor today, maybe a little progress, but nothing substantial. Boo. (yes, don't worry, I know being only a 1 isn't really exciting or worth getting my hopes up...but...a girl can dream)

And for a 'poo' update with Connor. Nothing. He hasn't done anything substantial since Friday night, so based on a discussion with the NP tonight (also love that she's willing to call after hours), we're increasing his MiraLax dosage tonight and then also sending some to daycare tomorrow to have them give to Connor if he hasn't gone by noon. She's calling Children's GI department right away in the morning and going to try and schedule something for us. The earliest we could get in was March 28th and our NP wasn't okay with that, plus no one up there has reviewed Connor's x-rays yet which hopefully they can do this week. The thought is once they see the x-rays, personally hear about Connor's case, they'd want to see us earlier than that. So, we continue to wait. I guess on a bright note, seeing him and talking to him, you'd never know he was sick or that something was wrong.

Because a post without pictures is boring, here's a shot from this morning sporting his new shirt.  Yes Rachel, he's on the counter again, it's just so much easier to contain him that way :)

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Erin C said...

I hope for some cervical change for you this week! I am jealous of you women who have such strong cervix's! Connor is in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for keeping us updated!