nursery update II

Made a little more progress on the nursery this weekend thanks to Anne and Rachel. I think I'm pretty close to being done, just need the baby now :)

 This side of the room is for sure done, it feels a little less intense (ie crazy busy) in person (or at least I hope).

Decided against a 'real' nursery chair and found this recliner at ShopKo. We made it through Connor's infancy in a brown leather recliner so we should be fine.
The paper lanterns don't really go with the 'theme' (I am still not sure what the theme is...), but I think I've always had this thing for paper lanterns and came across some brown and orange ones (thanks, Aleta!) and couldn't pass them up. Hoping to put light kits in a few of them for a little soft lighting.

Found this make your own mobile on Martha Stewart's site so thought I'd give it a try. 

Somewhat of the view the baby will see. I added some 'contrast' paper to the bottom of the wings since that's supposedly what babies dig :)

 This might be my favorite part of the nursery yet :) 
Yes, the G and the L are missing intentionally (see next photo).

Once we know what Baby B is, I can complete it. If it's a boy, the frame will appear like above, but if it's a girl, the G will be orange and a dark purple-ish L will be placed. Then in the lower right of the frame I'll put the baby's name, birth info, etc in the same color as the letter. Pretty excited about it :)

Update 1/13/12: Finished picture of other side of room below!


Angela said...

It looks great! I love all the details especially the artwork you created.

Erin Barrett said...

adorable Christy!

Aleta said...

I am in love with the mobile. Great work! The lanterns look nice, too! :)

Ben, Alissa & Peyton said...