one and a wiggle

Well, I'm officially 36 weeks tomorrow and had the first of my weekly appointments this afternoon. Bryan volunteered to come along so he could finally meet the doctor, and of course the doctor was running behind and then eventually had to go to a delivery so they bumped us to an available nurse practitioner. Everything is good, heart rate was in the 160's (girl?? ha), measuring on track and am actually dilated, let me repeat, dilated, to a ONE plus a wiggle (but no effacement). So, me and this nurse practitioner are now bff's. Kidding, but I think I was due or a day overdue with Connor and I was mmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyybbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeee  (maybe) a one. So, to me, this is amazing progress, my body actually might have an idea of what's about to happen :) Or so I can dream.

On a not so bright note, we're still dealing with Connor's poop issues. Saturday and Sunday he probably had a minimum of 15 BM's each day, and I think there are 7 pairs of underwear sent home today from school. It's not a lot, and it always seems to be 'sandy' or 'gritty', which isn't fun to clean up and obviously makes for a sore bottom. I've scheduled an appointment tomorrow morning, couldn't see a doctor so we're with a nurse practitioner (maybe I'll have a new found love for nurse practitioners?) and I think going into it I have an assumption we'll be referred to a GI specialist or something. My guess is it's something to do with his diet and nutrition, as he'll have days that he doesn't have ANY BM's. So, who knows. My biggest issue right now is that daycare is holding him back from pre-school because of it, and, I get it, pre-school staff probably doesn't need to deal with this, I just am seriously sad for Connor because all of his buds are now in pre-school and according to the teachers he's more than ready for pre-school...except for the poop thing. So, trying to hold back another 'crazy emotional mom moment' for now.

I guess to end on a bright note, and related to doctors and appointments, Bryan had a follow up appointment this afternoon. His sensitivity to light is MUCH better now and doesn't have much, if any, pain or watering. His vision is about 20/30, which is actually a little worse than the morning after (was seeing 20/20), but the doctor is incredibly pleased with where he's at. So, my duties of nurse and chauffeur I believe are over :)

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