fairly non-exciting update.

I've been directed to post an update and have heard reports that people are sick of looking at x-rays (gasp, what?), so here goes.

Connor: He's doing much better since our weekend spent in hospitals and clinics. He's been on a combo of laxative + fiber since then and I think it's finally starting to kick in. Yesterday, he had the best stool we have EVER seen. Not to go into too much detail, but it was big, solid and easily plunked into the toilet. Okay maybe that was too much detail. However, it happened while he was awake, and was his only stool or accident of the day. So, that prompted me to call his GI specialist today and update her, just to see if she would change the laxative and fiber dosages, and to discuss the botox surgery. Oh, which, as of early last week, it was decided we're moving forward with. When they called back, we're to try and push the surgery out until late next week, to give us a week or two to see what happens. We THINK he's maybe starting to realize when he needs to go, because he's having more normal stools, so that would be good news, and could always cancel the surgery if he starts figuring how to use/control the muscle. Realizing that was really random and all over the place, but, he's doing well for the most part, but as of right now, we are scheduling and moving forward with the botox injection.

Basement: (ha, as if you really care) They hung the track for the ceiling today so that about ends the official improvements we're making for now. We have some carpet remnants to lay down, can move some furniture in, hang a tv, etc. Good enough for now.

Bryan: Still not seeing great, but we were told 1-3 months before vision was the best it was going to be. Words are still a little blurry and it's pretty frustrating for him. He goes in for a checkup next Monday.

Me: Had my 39 week check up (well, 38 weeks and 6 days to be exact) today. Absolutely no change. Still at a 1 and 0% effacement. Boring. So boring. He won't let me go past two weeks, and really would only induce me if 'conditions are favorable' (see how I spared you the full details) before that. Yes, I was wrongly induced too early last time and I won't push for that (I wouldn't get away with it with this doctor anyways), but a week overdue and I might go nuts. I'm incredibly impatient right now, I desperately want to know what it is, and that it's healthy, and that it doesn't have Hirschsprungs. However, I have a crap load of stuff to do at work, it would be nice to focus on Connor's poop training and so I should be thankful that I have a little bit more time to get things ready. Plus, I have done nothing to get close to packing a bag, getting necessary baby things out, washed, ready, etc. We don't even know what we'd do with Connor in the event that we DID go naturally and overnight or something.  I think it's just that I KNOW I will be induced, so when we know the date, I'll have plenty of time to prepare.

That's about it. Crazy that it's already March tomorrow, Spring, please come soon!


Anonymous said...

Did you have to say you have "crap" load to do? Ha! Praying for all of you with everything that's going on. Lots of love, Jenni & family

Heidi, Jesse, and the boys said...

Oh, Christy. You could go into labor at any time. The second time around is SO much easier than the first.