lazy weekend of recovering

We've had a pretty low key weekend here, lots of relaxing and recovering, which is of course driving Bryan nuts but at least it's winter. We're going on day 4 for Bryan's surgery, which is supposedly supposed to be one of the worst days for pain, etc. So far he's doing okay, his eyes watered a lot yesterday and he's staying on pain meds so hopefully today is the last of the worst of it.

 schmo playing with daddy's sweet glasses


anne made me a birthday cake...had a little problem with the frosting, but it's the thought that counts :)

 Cody and Payten came to play for a bit. 

Madelyn also came over a little later and then Craig took both Madelyn and Connor sledding and on 4-wheeler rides, no pictures unfortunately but Connor had a great time, thank you Craig! (all we hear about is how they got stuck...)

make-shift blinds to keep the house dark for Bryan

once it was dark outside we went down to Bryan's shop to look at the equipment, we needed something to do to get out of the house.

Thanks again to Rach and Anne for coming over. I got a few things accomplished in the nursery, pics to come soon :)

Finishing up the weekend watching the Super Bowl at my parents tonight, the only positive the game starts so late on a Sunday night is that it'll be nice and dark out for Bryan :)

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