girl's night

Once a month three of my girlfriends and I have been getting together for dinner and movie night. We attempted to count it up, we think we're going on 9 straight months, pretty impressive I think! I love it because we rotate who brings the main dish, others then support with a side, dessert, etc., then we head down to Aleta's movie room (she always gets to host :)) and watch our movie. I'm sure there's a little talking in between and throughout :) And Aleta's poor husband Jeff is subjected to all of our discussions, which lately has had a lot to do with pregnancy and everything glamorous about it, since three of us are pregnant. However, he's pretty good at tuning us out I think.

Chilling before our movie starts.

All I can say is EWW. And this was my idea even for a pose.
Could be the first and last picture of myself during this pregnancy.
I'm 36.5 weeks, Angie is 34 and Aleta is 26.
Sarah is 0. But we give her a lot of crap that it could be time for #2 :)

I like this picture of us :) Probably something to do with the fact that I'm hidden in the back.

The preggers.

Not sure when we'll fit in next month's date, could be difficult to try and sneak between Angie and I's due dates, we will see :)


Randi said...

Christy you look great!! Good luck with babe #2.

I love girls nights! so fun

Ben, Alissa & Peyton said...

Yay! Belly pic! ;o)