to children's we go

I got a call from our NP tonight saying that she got in touch with Dr. Kennedy from Children's GI department and sounds like she must set aside time each week for 'emergency' patients, so we're hopefully going to get in this Friday. Not that Connor is necessarily an 'emergency' case, but not something anyone is comfortable waiting too long on, either. His stools are all over the place, this morning he woke up with a pull-up full (very much on the 'soft' side), then had a tiny one at school, then tonight another episode of near diarrhea consistency. (I again warn you, if you're not at all interested in learning or hearing about Connor's stools, might want to stay off the blog for a few weeks :))

So, we're going to lay off the MiraLax tonight and then maybe give it to him tomorrow night, depending on what kind of day he has at school.

I requested copies of the x-rays which I thought would be fun. When I went to the imaging desk she was certain Connor must have eaten something and that's why I wanted them, which made me laugh. That would actually be much more of an exciting picture, if there was a paperclip or something on here :) Okay not 'exciting' necessarily, but at least you'd be able to understanding something on the x-ray that way.

 This is the image from last Tuesday when we first went in. I've attempted to draw where his colon is, and the fact that it's really gray and dense, means it's full. No dark spots which would mean air or gas.

This one was after the enemas, having seen this one helped me 'see' the first picture a little better. You can see more pockets of air throughout the colon, probably easiest to see right under his ribs. Then in the lower portion I've outlined you can see the dark area expand and widen, that's a potential area for concern as to why the colon is so enlarged there.

We feel really good about getting him to a specialist, now we just hope we can figure this out sooner rather than later.


Anonymous said...

Christy - Good luck to both you and Connor at Children's - one of the best places to go! Both Ron and I will be keeping Connor in our thoughts! Love, Rita

Erin Barrett said...

I'm glad you were able to get him in to Childrens, Christy! I think you should be in the medical field. Those drawings are great...ha ha.

Anonymous said...

We are headed there too! Agh...
Want to car pool? :)