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Finally, nice weather! It's nearly 50 degrees today which is amazing and we're trying to take advantage of it. Who knows, could be back to -25 next week.

 LOVING not having to wear a coat.


To briefly update on Connor, there actually isn't much to update. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. He didn't have a BM yesterday....so....of course my mind leaps to that he's getting backed up again OR it's just the fact that three days of enemas cleared him out and you need a little time to get back to 'normal'. Either way, we started the MiraLax today to make sure that things remain soft. Hopefully hear from the doctor's office tomorrow with a plan of action (when/if we're seeing a GI in the cities, etc.).

Other news, the basement is officially painted! Such a great feeling to have this done. Hoping to get some flooring and trim in the bedroom and bathroom potentially this week and then other than just rolling out some carpet remnants in the living area, we might call it 'done' until next winter :) Nice of me to spare you a picture, right? 

Baby appointment tomorrow afternoon...hoping for even more dilation and effacement...ha. I'd even be happy with 1 and two wiggles :)

Hope you're all enjoying the wonderful weekend.

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