Going to bed last night I will somewhat admit that I'm thankful the baby hasn't arrived quite yet. The house was a bit of a mess, I still have things I want to do in the nursery, get the basement to where we want it, need to go pick up some baby necessities and really, from a physical comfort standpoint I can't complain all that much. Obviously every woman gets to the end of her pregnancy and is ready to be done, but it's bearable for me. And geesh, I'm not even overdue yet.

That said, there are a few things that are making it very hard to be patient.

-I don't sleep. So if I'm not sleeping already, there might as well be a baby to go feed and change.
-It's somewhat hard to dig into anything big at work, because I COULD go anytime (highly unlikely), but yet I could be around for two weeks yet. Little frustrating.
-Connor's surgery is scheduled for the 21st and I obviously want/need to be there. I think the latest my doctor would induce me is the 22nd so I guess that would work out, I've already told work if there isn't a baby by the 21st that my leave will just start then.
-I hate surprises. I guess not to the point of finding out the baby's gender (Bryan wouldn't allow it even if I wanted to I don't think), but it drives me nuts to not know when this is going to happen. Again, most pregnant women are in this camp, too, I get it, but I can still be annoyed :)
-My lack of 'progress' also drives me nuts. Just makes it all the worse that my body seems to not do this whole 'labor' thing.
-Two people I know are due after me, one a week, and one 2.5 weeks, and they'll both more than likely have their babies before me. You know who you are.

I took today off to do some errands, finish some things up so I'm excited about that. Maybe the baby will decide I'm 'nesting' and take a hint that it's time to come out...


Erin Barrett said...

I can't even imagine how impatient I would be in your situation...you're doing great, Loula. Do I have to stop calling you Loula if you have a girl?

love ya and hang in there! Kisses to Connor from me.

The Nesslers said...

We know who we are and we too are praying you go before us:)
So excited for you!!!