Grayson: Two Weeks

Grayson had his two week checkup Monday. All is good! The nurse questioned me if he was only two weeks old...come on people, he's not THAT large :) (she was kidding, well, it was said in a nice way, we'll put it that way)


9 lbs, 4 ounces, almost back up to his birth weight. Puts him at the 60th percentile (was actually surprised, thinking it would be so much higher considering his weight)

21.5", 85th percentile (hmm...shrunk an inch? I do think it's pretty hard to accurately measure these squirmy little babies, so who knows who is right)

14.5" head circumference, 50th percentile

I can't for the life of me find Connor's stats, but for sure was lighter since he was only 7 lbs 12 ounces at birth and I think lost a fair amount the first few weeks since we were at Children's and he was fed via IV.

two days

 two weeks

I'm not great at doing something consistent, car seat, toy, chair, etc. So it's not ideal to monitor growth...just be happy I got a picture :)

Things we're up to:
-eats about 1.5-3oz at a feeding
-nightly feedings happen around midnight, 3am and 7am. For the most part he goes right back down, but the 3 am feeding seems to be the hardest to get him back down
-burps like a champ
-knock on wood, but he's way less of a spit-up baby than Connor, however out of habit I always have a burp cloth prepared
-have been pretty 'busy', today is my first day home with him that I have nothing to do or anywhere to go, looking forward to a nap or two :)
-shockingly doesn't wake up Connor in the middle of the night, especially considering the changing table is directly on the other side of the wall where Connor sleeps, and Grayson is not a fan of diaper changes
-is not in love with the nuk like older brother, I actually did use it last night when he was wide awake at 3:30 and it did help him fall asleep, but typically he doesn't really like it (which we're okay with, obviously)
-Connor is certain he loves Mighty Machines (new favorite equipment show)
-more and more alert which is fun, can't wait for the smiles (well, the non-gas related smiles :))

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Erin Barrett said...

He's so cute Loula! Sounds like things are rolling along smoothly with your new little fam. Love ya!