That about sums up my doctor appointment this afternoon. He walked in, I told him I might cry if he tells me there isn't any progress, he checks me, and hands me a box of kleenexes. Such a card, he is.

But, he did say that there was what he called, and I quote, 'a smidgen of progress'. We didn't really talk numbers exactly but he said around 25% effaced, not sure what the official dilation is. So then we talked next steps, options, etc.

Next steps:
-Biophysical ultrasound on the baby Monday afternoon. They will check four things to determine if the baby is getting sick or not doing well. Amount of amniotic fluid, muscle tone of the baby (if it seems strong or is limp), movement and breathing patterns, as well as the baby's size. Each thing gets a score of 2 points, if I leave an 8, there's no medical need to get things going. If I score a 5-6 or lower, he'd probably push things along.
-Following the ultrasound I'll go right to an appointment with him where he'll review the ultrasound data
-We left feeling pretty certain he'll induce us by mid to late next week. One, I threw out the Connor surgery card, since that's scheduled for the 21st, would be nice to be able to attend. Two, he talked about women and their cervixes....on one end of the spectrum, there are women that can't keep babies in, then a giant bell curve where normal women fall, and then women like me who's cervix never dilates much or at all. Super (and totally something you needed to know, right? :)). He did say, with the little amount of progress I did have, he felt pretty good that if he had to induce today (blood pressure issues, something else, etc.), he'd be able to get the baby out (without needing a c-section), versus last week he would not have felt that way. So I guess, progress is progress.

Bryan determined that next Thursday would be a good day to go in because the NCAA basketball tourney will be on and he could handle being in the hospital for a few days watching that. I guess it would only be fitting, since we were in the hospital with Connor during the Master's. Must take a major sporting event for me to have babies. Dumb.

He also gave me the go ahead to feel free to go naturally over the weekend. Gee. Thanks. Funny guy he is.

So nothing too exciting, but I would say it's more than likely going to happen later next week. I'm hoping we go in Wednesday night for the cervadil treatment and hopefully have the baby sometime on Thursday the 17th. St. Patrick's day baby would be kind of fun :)


Amber said...

Sorry you didn't hear better news!! I guess just enjoy the few days you have left of peace and quiet...and sleep! :)

Staloch Family said...

Looking forward to hearing the news...hope it's soon. Waiting is torture!

Aleta said...

Yes! Have the baby on St. Patrick's Day! That's my birthday, too. :)

Erin Barrett said...

Every smidgen counts Christy! It would be pretty fun to have a St. Patty's day baby. You could celebrate no longer being preggo by drinking a green beer. Then again, the hospital might look down on that. Keep us updated!