I got a call yesterday from Connor's school that they will start sending him to preschool immediately, and the amount of time spent there will depend on how often he needs to be changed. On a good day, he might spend lots of time, bad day (like yesterday, sent home with 6+ bags of dirty underwear), might be very little or none. He'll be sent back to the toddler rooms for changing, as they're more equipped and staffed for that.

This has been a big topic for us, as he should have moved more than a month ago probably, had he been able to be trained for #2. Obviously, it's not his fault that he can't, so we're really happy with the staff at his school that they're willing to make this adjustment for him so he can be with his friends and continue learning and developing along with other children his age. Crossing our fingers that he can spend decent amounts of time there each day!

I know this is a few posts in a row without any pictures, but have no fear, BASEMENT pics coming soon. Ha.

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