and then there was one

Totally forgot to mention that I attended my friend Aleta's baby shower this weekend. She looked stunning and it was a great shower. Also was of course great to see Angie and Sarah as well :)

 down to only one preggo in the group, excited to resume our monthly girls night in April after taking the month of march off to have babies

just before digging into the amazing cake pops 

Miles on the left, Grayson on the right

Grayson looked so much older than Miles, and he's only a week older. 
Probably didn't help that I had him in a collared shirt and jeans or the fact that he's like 1.5+ lbs larger :)


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Christy, you look AMAZING after just having had your second baby two weeks ago. Congrats to the new fam, Grayson is stunning.

Ben, Alissa & Peyton said...

Okay, you and Angie look way too good for just having babies!! :o)

Aleta said...

Love the photos. Might have to steal some since most of mine turned out blurry! Thanks so much for coming! I appreciate it very much!