surgery: in and out

Connor's surgery went great today, and was all over in probably less than 20 minutes. He needed another 20 or so to recover and wake up from the anesthesia, but we were home at about 2 pm (with a stop for lunch). The doctor said it went great and while in there, he also checked the site of his pull through he had at birth (the same doctor that performed today's procedure, performed the pull through) and assessed the amount of stool in Connor's bowel. He said the site of the original surgery looked great and Connor wasn't full of stool and didn't feel the need to do a wash or flush while Connor was under.

What now? Essentially, we wait and see what happens. We'll probably have a follow up with the GI specialist soon, Dr. Rustad isn't the expert so he didn't have anything concrete for us in terms of what to expect, when to expect results, what we should be watching for, etc. These injections should relax Connor's sphincter muscles and allow him to pass larger amounts of stool easier, so that combined with really pushing toilet time and training, we'll hopefully make this 'click' for Connor.

In his sweet hospital pj's. He hated the socks and were not on for very long.

Needing his Grayson fix prior to the surgery

Bryan gearing up to go with Connor to get the anesthesia. I volunteered Bryan for this, assuming that I would be a wreck in there. Bryan came back and patted me on the back saying, "you wouldn't have handled that well." Probably very true.

 The many faces of Grayson.
Connor's IV, just like mommy's from a few days ago :)

Waiting to be discharged, spoiled with a cookie, juice box, popsicle, stickers, etc.

Hopefully this was our last visit to Children's Hospital for a long, long time (preferably forever).


SHarstad said...

These pictures are great! So glad to hear it went well. Have a relaxing rest of the week. Hope to see you soon.

Ashlyn & Kaelyn said...

Glad to hear everything went smoothly! I hope it's your last trip to that place too!

Anonymous said...

Great photos and what a "trooper" Connor was-so glad all went well and we agree, hope it is the last visit there.Hugs to all!

P.S I am impressed Bryan, the looks of a messy diaper or dead animal would make you gag when you were little-soooo great job in the hospital-dad!

Erin Barrett said...

Glad all went well with the surgery. Grayson is such a cutie! I can't wait to meet him in person. Love ya