take a picture, mom!

Pretty laid back weekend around here, lots of basketball, church, relaxing, etc. Not complaining :) I have Grayson's 2 week appointment (it's actually kind of depressing that 2 weeks of my maternity leave are gone) tomorrow and we're officially switching to cable instead of dish for TV. Bryan is pretty excited to get channel 12.

So nothing too exciting. Every time Connor holds Grayson he wants a picture taken. And yes, Rachel, both of my kids are on the counter. Not the first time, and certainly not the last :)

Connor of course thinks he's hilarious sitting in Grayson's chair and really has been wanting to help more...unfortunately that means wanting to pick him up, feed him, etc. I only say unfortunately because he obviously isn't quite ready to be helping with those duties quite yet.


Rachel said...

haha love it :)

Aleta said...

So cute! Take the help while you can get it! haha.

Erin C said...

I love the counter and so do my kids :)