Well, today is my official due date. This time with Connor's pregnancy, I knew I'd be going in tonight to be induced....however some would say that wasn't exactly 'smart' :) As mentioned in previous posts, we're getting pretty anxious around here.

So anxious that I'm pretty sure I'm making up my own signs of labor.

For example, two nights ago, I was timing contractions for nearly two hours, they started around 8 minutes apart, got to 7 and then I fell asleep, with nothing happening in the morning. These 'contractions' were nothing how they are probably supposed to feel (I had plenty of time to google such things while waiting for the next one, ha) and it's probably debatable if I was dreaming the entire time...

Yesterday, I think I had one, long contraction at work. But, just one.

See what I mean? I'm crazy, ha. (yes, I realize these could be the so called Braxton Hicks contractions, I just don't think it's fair that they'd happen so close to your due date :))

But, I think we're as ready as we need to be. I actually started packing a bag so if it came down to it, it could be ready, cameras are charged, getting most things tied up at work, etc.

Next doctor appointment is Thursday afternoon, as always...wishing for even the tiniest bit of progress :)

Happy Tuesday to you all.


Aleta said...

I am willing that baby to come out! I think it will work...ha!

Rachel said...

Let me know when you need a Christy sitter and I'll be right down :)

Erin Barrett said...

I can't wait for the baby to come! My prediction is he/she comes on his/her own over the weekend. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Christy! Can't wait to see Connor's reaction to his new sibling :-) Rita