connor update

It seems like so long ago that we had Connor's procedure, but it's only been three days. He has yet to go into the bathroom on his own 'feeling' that he needs to go, but in our dedicated toilet time, he's successful about half of the time. He's having less accidents throughout the day which is great, we just need to be careful that it's because he's forming better stools, etc., versus getting backed up again. Today at daycare he apparently made a 'face' and although he had started going in his pull-up, he finished in the toilet, so that's great news. He's never made 'the face' for us before so hopefully he's starting to feel it.

He officially starts preschool on April 4th which is great, maybe even being around so many other children that have this figured out will help in itself.

So that's really all we know for now. We're waiting to hear back from the GI specialist to see if she has any other recommendations or if she wants a follow up appointment.

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