toilet time

We're supposed to be encouraging and enforcing toilet time for Connor, which some nights is easier than others. Some nights, he's willing to go sit in there, as long as he has the ipad, nuk and blankie. Then, he'll literally sit in there for an hour. I don't really think it's helping him, since it's not like he's actively trying to accomplish anything, probably just enjoys the peace and quiet, ha. However tonight, when I went to try and get him to come out, he had pooped in the toilet :) I hope he continues to prove me wrong!

But, don't get too excited, 10 minutes later he went running to the toilet saying he had to poop, but it was already too late. However, he's back sitting in there again, watching Care Bears.

It's fairly comical, actually. He creeps his toilet closer and closer to the ipad the longer he sits in there. 

(clearly no baby news yet, but, I do have a doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon and so hopefully I'll have something worth reporting)

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