We're home, and it feels good :) We left the hospital around 11 and have just been getting settled and caught up here. Grayson has done amazing....or he's just feeling good from the tylenol after his circumcision, but he's essentially been sleeping the entire time, waking for 5-10 minutes a few times to eat. I'm certain this means a not so sleepy night is ahead of us :)

First trip in the car seat, didn't really phase him :)

SHOCKER...we have another nuk baby. Yes, yes, the 'plan' was for Connor to 'give' Grayson his nuk when he was born, clearly, we're not doing so well enforcing that. I feel like I should make up a good excuse, so right now I'll go with the fact that Connor has surgery on Monday and it'll be a really good soothing thing for him to have along. Work with me.
Oh, maybe you didn't recognize the older kid above? Probably lost 3 pounds at the salon after school today when Bryan took him to get his hair cut. Long overdue.

 Shouldn't I be the one resting? :)
Connor held him for probably a good 20 minutes, crossing our fingers he continues to like him this much. We'll see how it is after tonight when I'm sure it won't be too quiet upstairs.

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Randi said...

oh! he is so darn cute. good luck with 2 :)!