Basement Phase I: Complete

Well, we are nearly complete with phase one of our basement project. All that is left is for the plumber to come put the toilet back in after the tile/grout is dry, ready to go, cleaned, etc. We 'officially' finished the bedroom (meaning the carpet is officially installed and base trim is in), the steps going upstairs officially have carpet, but other than that, no trim/doors, and just carpet remnants everywhere else. We are loving it, even in it's half finished state, and look forward to using it. I might just be fine with this for a year or five or ten :)

 The 'kitchen/bar' area. Right off to the right side of the photo is where the bar will go someday. Would be nice to get some official chairs, or maybe an official table. There's a 9-piece high top table at Sam's calling my name that I think would be perfect and pretty reasonably priced....

 Living area. Bryan has had this furniture since I met him so I'm glad we're finally putting it to use. It's just been collecting dust in our storage room off of the garage.

 My doors. Little cheaper than the $400 quoted at the lumber yard :)

 Spare bedroom. Connor calls this Mary's room :)

Someday there will be an entertainment center, but again, we're living with it like this for at least a good year and again, we're okay with that :) You can see the grid is installed for the ceiling tile. I have a love/hate relationship with ceiling tile. I definitely prefer the look of sheet rock of course and actually sheet rock is far cheaper, but the benefits of having the tile ceiling out voted the rock. Now of course that we have it in, we'll NEVER need to access anything, but, we didn't want to take that chance. We're waiting on the actual tiles (holy spendy!), I kind of think it looks trendy, very industrial and Chipotle of us. Ha.

There are also I believe 4-5 varieties of carpet remnants, but again, we think it's perfect :) Leftovers from when we built and than my parents donated their remnants when they did some remodeling. So thanks to them we have carpet everywhere, which is great!
And sorry, no baby yet :)

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Aleta said...

Love the bedding in the spare bedroom! The basement is looking great, Bode's!