grayson's first photo shoot

My friend and co-worker Michelle of m.isebrand photography stopped at the hospital to take a few pictures this afternoon. He was pretty cooperative and let us manipulate him and uncover him, good boy. Lots more photo shoots to come :)

We definitely see similarities between him and Connor.



Erin Barrett said...

Loula, he's so cute! I can see a little Connor in him too but I think he really looks like you! Hard to tell at this age I suppose. I love the name Grayson too.

Aleta said...

Great photos! Grayson is a very handsome boy. :)When can I come see him?

Anonymous said...

Such nice photos of the "big guy." He does look like his brother but, really looks like a Grayson Timothy-what a special name to go with a special baby.
L, G/G B