11 months

Well...Connor is officially 11 months old (as of yesterday). I know I keep saying this but the time has gone by SO SO SO fast! I basically have a one year old son. My kid is one. Okay, not quite yet, but you get my drift. So crazy.

I remember my friend Heidi saying how she loved each and every 'new' stage that her son got into. With every month that went by he was doing something new and it became more and more fun. I used to think, no way, I love babies, I'll just be sad when he starts getting older and growing up. But...should have known...she was right. I absolutely love the stage he's in and look forward to his first steps...his first 'real' words...he's just SO much fun right now. Love it.

Alright, sorry no new pictures, but will try and get some soon...here's the 'list' of activities he's into.

-loves to 'brush' his teeth (aka chew on his toothbrush, but hey, I figure it's doing the job!)
-has recently re-discovered that splashing in the tub is hilarious
-has me absolutely addicted to his giggle/chuckle. Oh my word it's my FAVORITE noise in the world (and has also been compared to an evil donald duck, but I still love it)
-has me incredibly annoyed with his whine. It's probably my least favorite noise :)
-has become a little bit of a fussy eater for us at home at night...unless it's puffs, pizza, grapes or graham crackers.
-climbs on and around the treadmill like it's a jungle gym
-knows how to go backwards down steps or off of things, swings his little legs and butt around and slides backwards. So cute.
-says 'mamamamamama' and 'dadadadadadda' just not necessarily directed at us
-if he's holding the phone and you say 'say hello, Connor' he puts it up to his ear and holds it there...just doesn't talk back
-didn't like his first taste of fish sticks (much to my incredible disappointment as I'm pretty sure I grew up on 'fish dicks')
-still loves playing 'chase' around the house (is there an official name for that?)
-loves walking behind his little push/car/walker thing
-doing better at diaper and clothing changes and doesn't scream his head off
-having more and more accident reports at daycare, falling and bumping his head, etc. Just learning, right?
-Still loves the ladies at daycare and reaches for them every morning when I drop him off...but still gets SUPER excited when he sees me come pick him up
-Will start whole milk in a few days I think, just mixing it into his formula, but right now, we're still straight formula
-Sleeping great. Maybe once or twice a week gets up once, and it's just me being a sucker that I go in there and cuddle with him because I miss him
-Isn't much of a cuddler (see why I'm a sucker in the previous point) anymore, basically when he's done with his bottle at night (around 7 pm) he wants his crib, lay him in there and is sleeping within a few minutes, no crying or anything (knock on wood of course)
-Loves juice out of his sippy cup
-Still fitting into the clothes he's been wearing for the past 5 months, seriously (maybe this is normal), but I will admit a few things are getting a little snug
-Has worn holes in both knees in two different pairs of his jeans. His knees are SO calloused. Poor guy.
-Still likes his nuk...definitely on my mind that I should take it away soon...just sad to do it as he's of course mastered how to find and put it in
-Starting to 'dance' (bounce up and down) when music is playing
-Stands by himself all the time
-SO close to walking and fakes us out all the time that he's just going to do it, but drops to his butt and crawls over

I'm sure I'm missing something, but he's honestly just a blast right now.

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