a love for pasta

This kid loves pasta. Any shape, size, or flavor. Love. True love. Did I mention the mac n cheese at BW3's? He ate the ENTIRE kids meal portion. Just ate and ate and ate. And he's really good about stopping when he's full or done, I kept waiting for him to start throwing the noodles off the side of the table. Never happened. Not to say he didn't lean back in his high chair and take a few deep breaths every now and then (seriously!), but he loved it. Also worth noting that the mac n cheese there is SUPER cheesy, drips with cheese actually. Much unlike the typical "Kraft" version, which is my favorite...but he seems to prefer the super cheesy version. That's fine. Bring on the velveeta shells and cheese. Maybe his birthday cake should be pasta filled. Ha. Gross.
Also, with this passion for pasta brings a true mess. I remember looking at friends' pictures of their kids eating and making a terrible mess thinking...wow, I DON'T look forward to that. But it's not so bad :) Kind of cute actually.

Needless to say it was bath time shortly after supper.

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