caught up

Finally caught up on blogging (more to come the next few days, can't give you everything at once you know). I'm still sick with a cough...sounds much worse than it is, but gets pretty bad at night. Thank you Nyquil.

I've read some very, very sad blogs lately (one family who's first son was born stillborn and second son was just born with a severe skin disease and it's unsure how long he'll make it, another that I just found today about a dad blogger who has a one year old little girl...the mom died one day after giving birth...I know. I know. (no thanks to Heather and Jen for pointing these blogs out..ok no, I'm not mad, I get sucked into them and check them regularly now). They are just so sad. So, I find myself going into Connor's room when he cries to cuddle him. It's generally only once or twice a week that he cries, and typically just once each of those nights, but, I go in there and just cuddle and hold him. Bad thoughts run through my mind about how unfair life can be...and I don't want to take any moment for granted.

But enough on that. Hope you're having a good week, tomorrow is FRIDAY! Whoo hoo! No big plans that I know of right now. Which is good, too. Hopefully get lots of cleaning done, put clothes away (I'm actually very caught up on laundry but have issues putting it away...so the laundry room is FULL of clean clothes, folded even) and yeah. Hang out.

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our2boys said...

Oh my....I find myself on Jonahs blog EVERYDAY. Another good one is McMamas blog, her son Stellan is very sick too. I feel like I am a part of theirs lives now.... It is so sad.