fun with the dump truck

So...please don't turn me into social services for the videos I've posted here. Well, the first one is fine, but the second is a little sketchy in regards to our parenting skills...

I don't know, after this night, it just seemed within days he was walking all by himself. So fun!

I know. Terrible. But I bet you watched it more than once :)


Erin Barrett said...

hilarious....I watched it twice.

He's getting so big and I can't believe how fast he is getting around now! Can't wait to see you all again.


Anne said...

Hmmm how many times did we replay this last night? I'm guilty for like 12. Connor's a natural entertainer :)

Amber said...

That even got a laugh out of Marc!

Anonymous said...

Again, Americas Funniest Videos?

Seriously funny!!!

Go win a million dollars!!!

Jackie said...

Oh man, too funny!! Classic.