water park

Way behind on this post, but two weekends ago we went to a water park in Brooklyn Park with our good friends, the Otto's. It was crazy busy, but definitely would go again. Connor was not sure what to think. Unfortunately there wasn't a good 'calm' area for babies and there seemed to be water shooting, falling or dripping from everywhere, which he also wasn't a fan of. But of course, right before we were going to pack up for the night after being at the park for 4 hours, he finally was intrigued and was interested in the water.

Terrible photo, but I loved his new trunks and water shirt.

All wet...no smiles

How he spent most of the time there, wrapped up in his towel.

The boys waiting for the giant bucket of water to fall.

Again, where Connor spent most of his time (between Bryan and I)

Hmm...this is interesting, has this been here the whole time?

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