state volleyball

This past weekend my co-ed volleyball team participated in the Minnesota state volleyball tournament. Our team has been playing together for a few years now, the guys were reminiscing that they three have been through 14 different girls on their team...not sure if they should be proud of that or not :)

However...the results. After a weekend of a ton of playing, we ended up playing in the championship game on Sunday, but lost. So we are officially the second best co-ed team (just like kissing your sister, as my boss would say) in the state for class B. Or at least it's fun to say. Now we get about a month off before summer sand ball starts in New Ulm.

Sorry for the bad photo, my camera died moments after taking this (old camera, not new).

Front Row: Nicky, me, Kacie
Back Row: Ryan, Aaron, Zach

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