Wedding Weekend

This past weekend was our good friends Brent and Desirae's wedding. The weather was awesome, the couple looked amazing and everything went great! Of course it was a GREAT opportunity to try out the new camera. So I am apologizing in advance for ALL of the pictures I'm going to post, I took hundreds and hundreds betweent Friday night through the wedding dance. Some still aren't great, but I'm definitely working on it :)

Congrats to the lovely couple...they're on their way to Cancun right now. Dang them. At least it hit 50 today. SO awesome.

Something was funny. Might have been the priest calling Desirae', "Des-ah-ree-ah". Pretty sure Desirae' (RAY) didn't think it was funny. I wouldn't have either. And even after correcting him, the first time he says their name in church on Saturday...he screws it up. At least he got it right the rest of the service.


Happy couple

Fantastic bartenders. Sorry Jeff, it made the blog. (why is it that so many people when they see me take their picture request that it doesn't go on the blog?)

Chops. Ha, my attempt at an 'artistic' picture.

Team huddle at the pre-fryer. (I think that's what they call it)
The happy couple again.
Brent made all his attendants their own bean bag boards...which is AWESOME. We love this game, and since all the boards were there, of course we had to organize a bean bag tournament...which...my partner and I won! Thanks Brent!

Some of the action.

The parents of the couple getting into the game.
Alright, that's it from the groom's supper/rehearsal. Wedding next.

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