busy week

Tuesday our vball team practiced before this weekend's state tourney, Wednesday Bryan had his NCAA pick party thing, tonight Bryan is at cards, tomorrow night Bryan is in the cities at the NCAA tournament games, Saturday and Sunday, I have state volleyball. Definitely not complaining, just explaining for my last of pictures and posting :) I have Desirae's wedding, pictures of Connor in his new car seat, pictures of Bryan's bday celebration with my family, pictures of Connor in general. Except he looks like crap right now since he's sick. I swear we have a few days every few weeks that he's 'healthy'. Poor guy. But, he's been sleeping really well, just looks a little rough :( Calling the doctor tomorrow to see if we should switch to a different antibiotic for his ear infection (and yes...he got another).

So that's about it. Connor is in bed, I should take this time to clean the kitchen floor and vacuum the living room...but...I'm liking the 'peace' right now.

Tomorrow is Friday. Gotta love that.

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